Activities for Parents

Our Family Talk Guides are designed to help parents and other family members talk with young children in their care about important social and emotional behaviors.

Each of the topics below comes with a simple, printable guide with step-by-step instructions for discussion activities.  These are a free resource and you are welcome to share them with others.

Teachers using the Leaps system in their classrooms are also encouraged to provide these guides to parents as a supplement to the work they are doing with students during the school day.

Self Worth

We’re focusing on helping our kids feel good about themselves by talking to them about good clean hygiene and having a positive attitude.

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Personal space

Go get in your child’s personal space. Put your nose right up to their face and start telling them about how your day went. When your child starts to back away, ask them why they are backing away. They might not know why!

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People Who Look Different

Our Target: It’s time to let our kids know that everyone has great worth as a person, even if they look very different than us. Let’s be good role models, and teach our kids how to be fearlessly kind to everyone. Let’s help our kids see how people act and treat people based on those actions, instead of treating others based on differences in skin color, culture, or even medical conditions.

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Meeting Adult Strangers

Get real with yourself and your child and ask your child what they know about kidnapping. Explain to them that there are bad adults in the world that do terrible things because kids are smaller and weaker than them. Talk about how scary it is for you and your child to know these things happen. Let your child know that there is no reason to be afraid when they know what to do if an adult stranger ever makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

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Meeting New Kids

JUST ASK your child what they normally do at recess. If they talk about playing with a couple of the same kids all the time, ask about what all of the other kids are doing on the playground and if any of those things sound fun to your child. Let your child know that, even if they have a best friend, getting to know new people is a great thing. We grow as people when we learn with others about new things and new ideas.

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Hurt Feelings

Our Target: We’re focused on helping our young kids deal with hurt feelings, both their own feelings and the hurt feelings of others. Let’s let our kids know that if we try hard to be caring all the time, we will not have to fix hurt feelings as often.

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Handling Anger

Helpful guidance for discussing anger with children, whether it is their anger or yours that’s come up.

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Good Choices

Learn new ways to discuss decision-making with children, teaching them to look ahead before taking action.

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Focused Attention

Surprise – this is not about teaching your child to focus. It’s about your ability really tune in and focus on them.

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